Poly Mailers

Poly mailers or poly bags offer a sleek and protective packaging solution for shipping books, combining durability with lightweight construction. Our poly mailers are designed to safeguard your books during transit while also providing a professional and stylish presentation.

Key Features

Durable Polyethylene Material

Constructed from high-quality polyethylene material, our poly mailers offer tear resistance and water repellency, ensuring your books remain protected from the elements throughout the shipping process.

Self-Adhesive Closure

Equipped with a secure self-adhesive strip, our poly mailers provide hassle-free closure, allowing for quick and easy packaging without the need for additional sealing materials.

Lightweight Design

Despite their sturdy construction, our poly mailers are lightweight, helping to minimize shipping costs while still offering reliable protection for your books.

Custom Printing Options

We offer custom printing options to personalize your poly mailers with branding, logos, or promotional messages, enhancing your brand visibility and professionalism.

Available Sizes

Our poly mailers come in a range of sizes to accommodate various book dimensions, ensuring a perfect fit for your shipments.

Ideal for Book Shipping

  • Online Booksellers: Perfect for online bookstores and sellers shipping books to customers, providing both protection and a professional presentation for your shipments.

  • Authors and Publishers: Ideal for authors and publishers mailing books to readers, reviewers, or event attendees, ensuring your books arrive safely and in style.

  • Book Clubs and Subscription Services: This packaging option is suitable for book clubs or subscription services that mail books to members. It offers a secure and visually appealing option for your shipments.

To learn more about poly shipping bags for your print project, contact American Print and Bindery today. With a range of beneficial features, including self-sealing, tear resistant features, custom poly mailers are an excellent choice for shipping non fragile items.