Rigid Envelopes

At American Print & Bindery, we understand the importance of ensuring your printed materials arrive at their destination in perfect condition. That's why we offer a range of high-quality rigid envelopes designed to provide maximum protection for your valuable prints, documents, and artwork. Learn more about the dynamic world of rigid mailer solutions below.

Features and Benefits

Sturdy Construction

Our envelopes are made from rigid cardboard or corrugated material and provide reliable protection against bending, creasing, and crushing.

Secure Closure

Our envelopes feature secure adhesive closures or self-sealing strips to keep your prints safely enclosed during shipping.

Lightweight Design

Despite their robust construction, our rigid envelopes are lightweight, helping minimize shipping costs while providing maximum protection.

Customizable Options

Choose from various sizes and styles to accommodate your specific printing needs. We also offer custom printing options, allowing you to add branding, logos, or other personalized elements to your envelopes.

Applications of Rigid Envelopes

  • Promotional Mailers: Utilize rigid envelopes for promotional mailers or direct mail campaigns.

  • Presentation Kits: Can be customized into presentation kits for marketing materials, product samples, or sales presentations.

  • Archival Storage: Suitable for archival storage of essential documents or historical materials. The durable construction helps protect the contents from damage over time.

  • Specialty Packaging: Offer specialty packaging solutions for unique products or limited-edition items.

  • E-commerce Shipping: Provide a compact and protective packaging option for shipping orders efficiently.

  • Subscription Boxes: Incorporate rigid envelopes into subscription box services, especially for regularly delivering printed materials or related products. 

When it comes to online printing and distribution services, AP&B offers a range of packaging solutions, including rigid envelopes. To learn more about a particular service or our print products, contact us today.