10 Largest Wholesalers in the USA

In the thriving world of wholesale book sales in the United States, several major players dominate the market with their vast selections, efficient distribution networks, and commitment to quality.

On this page, we'll look at the top 10 distributors of wholesale books in the USA, showcasing their influence and impact on the publishing and retail sectors. Continue below to learn more about the best ways to buy wholesale books online!

  1. Ingram Content Group: Ingram is a powerhouse in wholesale book distribution, offering a wide range of services such as print-on-demand, distribution logistics, and digital solutions for publishers and retailers seeking bulk quantities.

  2. Baker & Taylor: Renowned for its vast catalog and streamlined distribution channels, Baker & Taylor serves as a crucial link between publishers and retailers, supplying books to libraries, bookstores, and educational institutions nationwide.

  3. Follett Corporation: With a strong focus on educational materials, Follett provides textbooks, library books, and other educational resources to schools, colleges, and universities through its robust wholesale distribution channels.

  4. Readerlink Distribution Services: Readerlink is a leading distributor of bulk books, periodicals, and entertainment products. It caters to major retailers and bookstores, ensuring a diverse selection of titles across various genres.

  5. Hachette Book Group: Hachette's presence in wholesale distribution is marked by its bestselling titles and a broad range of books. It caters to retailers and consumers looking to purchase books online, including quality fiction and nonfiction offerings.

  6. Scholastic Corporation: Specializing in a vast selection of children's books and educational materials, Scholastic serves schools, libraries, and retail outlets with engaging content that fosters learning and imagination.

  7. Penguin Random House: With a vast portfolio of imprints and bestselling authors, Penguin Random House plays a pivotal role in wholesale book sales, offering retailers and libraries various titles for readers of all ages and interests.

  8. HarperCollins Publishers: Known for its quality fiction and nonfiction titles, HarperCollins is a significant player in wholesale distribution, providing retailers with a wide range of books that cater to diverse reading preferences.

  9. American West Books: Specializing in regional titles, niche markets, and specialized genres, American West Books caters to retailers looking for a unique and localized book wholesaler to attract their target audience.

  10. Macmillan Publishers: Focusing on trade books and educational resources, Macmillan distributes a wide array of titles to retailers and libraries, contributing to the diversity and richness of the wholesale book market.

Explore These Options the Next Time You Need a Wholesale Bookseller!

These wholesale booksellers play a pivotal role in the publishing industry, connecting publishers with retailers and ensuring that a diverse range of books reaches readers nationwide. Their commitment to quality, efficiency, and customer satisfaction reinforces their status as key players in the dynamic world of wholesale book sales in the USA.

So, if you're considering buying books in bulk, any of the options mentioned above are more than a viable option!

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