Cutscore refers to the technique of creating a shallow, controlled cut or groove on a material's surface, typically using a specialized tool or machine. This process weakens the material along the desired fold line, making it easier to fold without cracking or damaging the surface.


Score Cutting


    1. Packaging Industry: Cutscore is commonly used in packaging to create fold lines for boxes, cartons, and containers. It allows for clean and precise folds, ensuring that the packaging materials retain their structural integrity.
    1. Printed Materials: In printing, cutscore is used to create foldable items such as brochures, pamphlets, greeting cards, and folders. It ensures that these items can be neatly folded along predetermined lines without tearing or wrinkling.
    2. Paper Crafts: Cutscore is also utilized in paper crafting and DIY projects, enabling enthusiasts to create intricate folds and designs in paper-based creations like pop-up cards, booklets, and origami.



        • Precision Tools: Use specialized cutting and scoring tools or machines designed for cutscore applications to achieve accurate and consistent results.
        • Proper Settings: Adjust the cutting and scoring parameters, such as depth and pressure, based on the material's thickness and properties to ensure clean cuts and creases.
        • Testing: Conduct test runs on sample materials to fine-tune the cutscore settings and verify the quality of folds before mass production.
        • Material Considerations: Choose appropriate materials for cutscore operations, considering factors such as thickness, flexibility, and finish to achieve optimal results without compromising structural integrity.

        Cutscore plays a crucial role in printing where precise folding and creasing are required, contributing to the production of high-quality printed materials, packaging solutions, and creative paper-based designs. To learn more about this or other techniques, contact us today!