UGRA Test Target

The UGRA test target is a standardized image used in the printing industry to assess and measure the quality of printed materials. It consists of various elements such as lines, gradients, and color patches arranged in a specific pattern to evaluate factors like resolution, color accuracy, and reproduction fidelity. From inconsistent ink flow to misalignment, printing test pages is the only way to ensure your desired results.


Print quality test target


  1. Printers use the UGRA print test target to calibrate and fine-tune printing presses, ensuring consistent and accurate reproduction of colors and details.

  2. Graphic designers utilize this printer test to evaluate the quality of printed proofs and identify any discrepancies or imperfections that may require adjustments.

  3. Print buyers rely on UGRA printer testing to verify that printed materials meet specified quality standards and contractual agreements before final production and distribution.


Proper Calibration: Ensure that printing equipment is properly calibrated and maintained to achieve accurate and consistent results when using the UGRA test target.

Regular Testing: Incorporate the UGRA test target into routine quality control procedures to monitor and maintain print quality standards over time.

Interpretation Guidelines: Familiarize yourself with the interpretation guidelines provided by UGRA to accurately assess and interpret the results obtained from the test target.

Collaboration: Foster open communication and collaboration between printers, graphic designers, and print buyers to address any issues identified through UGRA test target evaluations and implement corrective measures effectively.

Continuous Improvement: Use the feedback and insights gained from your printer test pages to drive continuous improvement in printing processes, workflows, and quality assurance practices.

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