Elevate & Reinvent American Print & Binding

We are a team of printers, binders, developers, and investors who believe high quality, American print and binding can again be at the forefront through smart collaborations, new thinking, and innovative technology.


How We Work

We are a central print ordering interface that integrates with a network of partner printers and binders across the USA mixed with in house production. When you order through AP&B, we look at the order specs, the order size, and things like final ship destination to determine the best fit for your job, every time. Saving you time and money, and letting binders and printers that have expertise in that specific type of print deliver to you what they are experts at.

We are constantly working to expand our network and introduce more technology into the system that will allow for faster, more efficient print that meets our strict quality, socioeconomic, and environmental standards. Keep checking back with us to see whats new!


The Benifts Of AP&B

A Network Of Printers At Your Fingertips

It can take years to negotiate and learn the system of even a single printer. It can take even longer to start refining your print and binding strategy with that shop. You may find that the shop may be great at one step of the production process, and poor with the others. AP&B works with a large network of printers and binders that specialize in highly specified types of work. Save years of refining in a dynamic industry, let us help you find a full system solution that works for your unique needs.

Expert Advice

When to run a job digital, ink jet, web, or offset? When to use a laminate or a varnish? Print is not as simple as it may seem. Understanding the full process can end up saving you a great deal of time and money and result in higher quality, more consistent print. Our team of experts in production, print design, and distribution strategies are always available to you.

Save Time & Money

Save time and money researching, negotiating, and learning the systems of production facilities across the country on every job you produce. Let us do that for you. Save time on prepress and production and ordering with our automated scheduling and production contracts. Save money with our negotiated production pricing, fulfillment discounts, and shipping discounts.  

Better Quality Print

Our print experts are your advocates for quality inspection and enforcement. We stand behind the quality of every job that goes through our system, and we are constantly working with our manufacturing partners to reach better and better results.


AP&B was founded when a team of print and binding experts working in the industry joined with a team of investors and developers who could see that, together, we could create something new - something that would be a win-win for both the industry and for the clients we were trying to serve.

The Socioeconomic Impact Of Print

Making American print more accessible does not need to come at the cost of the skilled men and women behind the print. AP&B was founded by those working in print and binding shops, and we work to always elevate those workers - workers of any religion, race, or culture.

Environmental Commitment

Printing and binding in the USA, rather than offshore locations such as China, intrinsically reduces wastes in transportation and introduces higher standards in production and environmental regulations. We work closely with our printers, binders, and customers to encourage use of more sustainable materials, techniques, and shipping methods whenever feasible.

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