Book covers aren't just protective layers; they're readers' first impressions of your work. At American Print & Bindery, we understand the importance of coatings in enhancing your book covers' visual appeal and durability.

From UV coating to satin varnish and beyond, continue below to discover an in-depth look at the coatings we offer for your next print project.

Gloss Varnish

A high-gloss finish maximizes color vibrancy and protects against scuffs and moisture, making it perfect for photographic books and children's literature.

Matte Varnish

Choose a refined, non-reflective finish that exudes sophistication, ideal for a literary or adult fiction book cover when the author is seeking a subtle, tactile quality.

Satin Varnish

Strike a balance between gloss and matte with a medium sheen. This product offers color enhancement without excessive glare and is suitable for a wide range of genres.

Ultraviolet Coating

Ensure superior protection against fading and scratching with a durable finish cured under UV light, making it an excellent choice for covers requiring extra durability.

Spot UV Varnish

Selectively applying glossy highlights to specific areas of the cover creates contrast and visual interest, perfect for emphasizing titles, logos, or artwork.

Soft-Touch Coating

Treat readers to a luxurious sensory experience with a velvety texture, often found on premium and luxury editions seeking to stand out.

Aqueous Coating

Embrace environmentally friendly protection with a water-based coating available in gloss, satin, or matte finishes. This coating guards against dirt, fingerprints, and moisture.


Choose a thin plastic film in gloss, matte, or satin finishes for ultimate durability and resistance to water, tears, and creases, perfect for frequently handled books.

Scratch-Off Varnish

Integrating a specialty coating that reveals hidden text or images upon scratching can engage readers in interactive experiences, ideal for promotional and educational materials.

Glitter Varnish

Fine glitter particles infused into the varnish make your projects sparkle and shine, captivating attention for children's books, gift editions, and playful publications.

Choose the perfect coating to match your aesthetic vision, durability needs, and target audience, and let American Print & Bindery elevate your book covers to new heights of quality and appeal.

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