Unlock the bookbinding world with American Print & Bindery. We specialize in utilizing various types of adhesives tailored to meet your specific binding requirements.

Polyvinyl Acetate (PVA)

Renowned for its flexibility, strength, and durability, standard PVA glue is an excellent choice for various aspects of bookbinding. Ideal for attaching pages to the spine and securing endpapers, its clear drying and pH-neutral properties make it particularly suitable for projects requiring long-term stability and aesthetic appeal.

Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA)

When speed is of the essence, EVA hot melt adhesive shines. Perfect for perfect binding and other applications requiring rapid processing, its quick setting time ensures efficient production without compromising on quality. While not as flexible as PVA, EVA remains reliable for projects with tight deadlines.

Polyurethane Reactive (PUR)

PUR adhesive stands out in demanding environments or for books subjected to heavy use. It offers unparalleled adhesion, flexibility, and durability and excels with various materials, including coated papers and synthetics. Its resistance to temperature extremes makes it the go-to option for projects that need to withstand adverse conditions.

Animal Glue

Steeped in tradition, animal glue remains a cherished choice for restoration and fine binding. Derived from collagen found in hides, bones, or fish, its reversible properties and compatibility with historic materials make it indispensable for preserving the integrity of cherished volumes.

Starch-based Adhesives

For conservation and archival work, nothing beats starch-based adhesives. Crafted from natural sources like wheat or cornstarch, they offer stability and minimal impact on delicate paper. Ideal for reversible adhesive applications, they ensure the long-term preservation of valuable documents and manuscripts.

Acrylic Adhesives

When it comes to pressure-sensitive applications, acrylics reign supreme. Whether in adhesive tapes or labels, they provide strong bonds with excellent aging characteristics, ensuring lasting durability and reliability.

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