Discover the unparalleled capabilities of flexographic (flexo) printing with American Print & Bindery. Our advanced flexo printing technology offers speed, versatility, and exceptional quality for all your printing needs, providing precise and vibrant results on a variety of substrates. Learn more about the flexographic printing process and our capabilities at AP&B below.

What is Flexographic Printing?

Flexographic printing, or flexo printing, is a versatile and efficient printing process that utilizes flexible relief plates (flexo presses) to transfer ink onto substrates such as paper, cardstock, plastic, and labels. The use of a flexographic printing press allows for high-speed production with excellent color consistency and sharp image reproduction, making it ideal for a wide range of applications.

Our Flexo Printing Capabilities

Whether you need labels, packaging materials, or promotional items, our flexo printing capabilities ensure outstanding results every time. Here's how we can assist you:

1. Custom Labels: From vibrant colors to intricate designs, our flexo labels are produced with precision and attention to detail, ensuring that your products stand out on the shelf and leave a lasting impression on customers.

2. Flexible Packaging: Whether you require pouches, bags, or wraps, our flexo printing delivers crisp graphics and vibrant colors on a variety of flexible substrates, providing durability and visual impact for your packaging needs.

3. Corrugated Boxes: Optimize your shipping and branding efforts with custom-printed corrugated boxes produced using our flexographic printing capabilities. Our flexo-printed corrugated boxes offer superior strength and visual appeal, allowing you to showcase your brand while providing reliable protection for your products during transit.

4. Promotional Materials: From banners and posters to point-of-sale displays and promotional signage, our flexo printing delivers vivid colors and sharp images that grab attention and drive engagement with your target audience.

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