Hold 2-Weeks, No Additional Fee On Any AP&B Project.

Hold For Ship

Safe & Secure Temporary Storage, Keep Your Schedule.

Post-Production Schedule

Need additional time for delivery to a client? Time to coordinate with another project? No problem, we offer a 2-week hold for shipping at no cost at any of our locations. In storage that is climate controlled, secure, and ready to ship out when you are. If you decide we require more time in those two weeks or need to split the shipment, we have you covered—see pricing below for all those features.

Hold For Ship, First 2-Weeks


Following 2-Weeks

$10/month +

Half Pallet
$20 /month
$35 /month
50+ Pallets
$30 /month

Split Shipment

By Box
$15 + $3/box
By Pallet
$15 + $10/pallet


Generally 3 months is cut off for hold for ship, if planning longer than this, or planning on storing long-term, we recommend AP&B warehousing.

Hold for ship is stored at your final vendor, warehousing is store at AP&B which requires shipping to get inventory too. Hold for ship has less capabilities and costs more by storage unit, to compensate for additional costs at vendor and management time for our staff.

Boxes, unless previously agreed upon, must be 50 lbs or less. This is not only to protect our workers, but generally the best way to ship print without causing damage in transit (ltl or small parcel). Pallets generally should weight 1500 lbs or less, and should not be more than 55" tall. Please reach out to our team if weight or size restrictions are an issue for your team.

Yes, all warehouse users will have a visible inventory count. Please message our team for setting this up if not already available.

The savings threshold for half pallet vs individual boxes is 8 boxes, for all standard size boxes. The threshold for half pallet vs full pallet is based on weight and size and what can safely be stacked on half a pallet. In the case of having a full half pallet, we will always store the remaining as single box units, until it is more cost effective and practical to put onto it's own pallet.

We accept all major credit cards, check, wire transfer and ACH. For qualifying customers we do offer net terms for services rendered as well as shipping paid by AP&B.

Yes, generally this is an easy process of transfer. Please contact AP&B warehouse team member, and we will get you transferred over.

Yes, upto 2 titles/SKU per pallet max. This is to help reduce your storage costs, as well as to ensure without increasing any chance of mixup on sku counts or placements.

We track inventory real time, with inventory volume tracked daily at end of day, and charged end of each calendar month.

Have questions? Reach us here!