Small final touches to your book or project can make all the difference. From trade to fine, leather-bound books, our internal team works exclusively with print and bind kit assembly. We are ready to bring your project to life.

Simply provide your assembly guidelines and we will offer pricing and mockups to get your project off the ground. Some of the primary hand work, and kit and assembly work we have done in the past includes: placing inserts and belly-bands, labeling, bundling books, creating book sets, shrink wrapping book sets, and placing books and/or sets in slips or clam shells.

Design Implementation

Please provide mockup images of your kit or assembly, along with any relevant specifications (orientation, distance, color, etc.) in JPG, PNG or PDF format. For simpler projects, providing written instructions may suffice, but additional visual mockups will reduce proofing and production times. Once the project is approved, APB will provide photos, video or other physical proof of assembly as requested.


Project Minimums

We implement a $75 minimum setup fee for handwork, and kit and assembly. This allows us and our team to fully understand the set-up and mockup of your project. This initial setup fee also allows for more transparent, lower "per unit" fees for projects as you scale.


Production Timelines

Project timelines will be impacted by the complexity and scale of kit and assembly, as well as the delivery of all components. Please contact your APB project manager to get real-time production timeline estimates. In some cases, we may be able to offer expedited services. .



Get started on your project
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