There are often many ways to print and bind a project, but the results in quality, production time, and price may vary greatly between these production styles. Leverage our years of experience to find the best production strategy for your or your client's project.

We can help you with:

Production Strategies

The specifications of an order, the number of units made, how often units will be made, and factors like your end market and final shipping destination can change where and how your project is made. We can work with you to find your solution.  


Design Implementaion

Subtle design elements are often what make a book. However, those subtle elements may be hard to capture without truly understanding the production techniques behind them. How well does a foil hold onto certain cloths? Are special plates required to best capture your print? How will laminates impact colors? We can help answer your production questions and suggest tangible, cost effective ways for testing and refining your design in-house.


Proofing Services

For large, complex prints or prints featuring many subtle elements, it may be best to run several comparative hard proofs. We will work with you to find the fastest, most economic, and most accurate way of generating relevant proofs.


Print consultation services are charged by half hour increments, at $75 per half hour. To begin the process, reach out to us and we will get back to you shortly with a time and date for an in-person consultation, or, depending on your location, a call or virtual chat


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