In the realm of self-publishing, specialized software plays a crucial role in bringing manuscripts to life. American Print & Bindery is well-versed in the industry's leading publisher-specific software, empowering self-publishers to create professional-quality books with ease. Continue below to discover the top publisher-specific software for self-publishers.

Adobe InDesign

Widely regarded as the gold standard in book layout and design, Adobe InDesign offers a comprehensive suite of tools tailored for self-publishers. With its intuitive interface and powerful features, authors can seamlessly format text, import images, and design intricate layouts for both print and digital publications.

Microsoft Word

While not exclusively designed for book layout, Microsoft Word remains a popular choice among self-publishers for its accessibility and familiarity. With its extensive formatting options and compatibility with various file types, authors can create manuscripts ready for print or digital distribution.


Ideal for authors seeking a robust writing environment, Scrivener offers an array of organizational tools tailored for long form writing projects. From outlining and research to drafting and revision, Scrivener streamlines the writing process, allowing self-publishers to focus on crafting compelling content.


Recognized for its user-friendly interface and stunning templates, Vellum is a go-to choice for self-publishers looking to create polished e-books. With Vellum, authors can effortlessly format and customize their manuscripts for various e-reader devices, ensuring a seamless reading experience for their audience.


For self-publishers seeking a comprehensive publishing solution, BookBaby offers a suite of tools and services designed to simplify the publishing process. From manuscript formatting and cover design to distribution and marketing, BookBaby provides authors with everything they need to bring their books to market successfully.

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