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Shipping Management

Dedicated Print Freight Broker, Every Project

Shipping, Impact On Costs

When analyzing a project's total cost, it becomes obvious shipping has a significant impact. Not only in the final shipping price but embedded in the cost from delivery of materials and components. Despite this, most major printing and binding facilities in the USA push aside the shipping aspect, rarely shopping for the best rates, not negotiating with brokers, carriers, or developing carrier routes. AP&B, we understand the importance of shipping, not only more cost-efficient, but faster, more reliably, and being throughout-more transparent.

Our Modern Shipping Systems Provide: 

 Direct carrier contact, drastically reducing time to ship and cost to ship

• Real-time tracking of your LTL or FTL shipment anywhere in North America

• Vented, qualified drivers that know the routes, reducing chances of delays along the way

• Brokerage is available for components, materials, final delivery from production or warehouse

• Confirmation of delivery, LTL arrangements for lift-gate, and more

Process By Shipment Type

Print & Bind Materials: You are covered; we will always quote the best pricing when printing with AP&B.

Distribution: When a job is completed at a vendor, we will always provide with each quote the best shipping rates available at the time. If requesting an LTL or FTL shipment from our warehouse or fulfillment, fill out our online shipping request from your login.

Vendor & Partners: If you want print shipment brokerage/management, please reach out to us at team@apbindery.com. We can link you to our quoting system.

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