A4 Paper

A4 paper is an international standard paper size used for a wide range of printing and office applications. It measures 210 millimeters (8.27 inches) in width and 297 millimeters (11.69 inches) in height, making it slightly taller and narrower than the standard Letter-size paper commonly used in the United States. A4 paper is widely adopted in many countries around the world.

A4 Paper


International Letter


  1. "A4 paper is the most commonly used paper size for business documents, letters, and reports in many parts of the world."
  2. "When designing materials for international distribution, it's essential to format them to fit A4 paper dimensions to ensure compatibility."
  3. "The A4 size is known for its versatility and is often used for printing flyers, brochures, and educational materials."


When working with A4 paper, consider the following recommendations.

  1. Page Layout: Adjust your document's layout to A4 dimensions (210mm x 297mm) to ensure proper formatting and printing.
  2. Compatibility: Be aware that A4 paper may have slight variations in dimensions between different regions. Check local standards if necessary.
  3. Scaling: When printing A4 documents on Letter-size paper, scale them properly to avoid cropping or resizing issues.
  4. Document Design: Utilize A4's dimensions effectively in your document design to optimize content layout and readability.
  5. International Considerations: If creating materials for international audiences, use A4 paper dimensions to accommodate global standards and preferences.