Aqueous Coating

Aqueous coating is a water-based, protective finish applied to printed materials as a final step in the printing and bindery process. This clear, fast-drying coating enhances the appearance, durability, and resistance of printed surfaces, resulting in a professional, polished, and vibrant final product.


Water-Based Coating


  1. "Aqueous coating is often used on brochures, catalogs, and packaging to add a glossy or matte finish that enhances the visual appeal."
  2. "Applying aqueous coating not only adds a protective layer to printed materials but also improves their resistance to fingerprints and scuffs."
  3. "Aqueous coating can be spot applied for specific design elements, providing a unique contrast in texture and appearance."


When considering using aqueous coating (or water-based coating) in your print and bindery projects, here are some recommendations to maximize its benefits.

Material Selection: Choose the right paper or substrate to complement the desired aqueous coating finish, whether glossy, matte, or satin.

Consultation: Collaborate with your printer or bindery professional to determine the most suitable type of aqueous coating for your project and discuss any special effects or enhancements.

Proofing: Review and approve printed proofs with aqueous coating to ensure they align with your design vision and meet your quality standards.

Drying Time: Be mindful of drying time, as aqueous coating requires a brief period to set. Plan your production schedule accordingly.

Eco-Friendly: Aqueous coatings are often more environmentally friendly than some other coatings. Consider the sustainability benefits when selecting coating options.