Accordion Fold

This is a folding technique used in the printing and bindery industry to create multiple parallel folds in a document, resembling the folds of an accordion or a zigzag pattern. This fold allows for the efficient organization and presentation of content in a compact and visually engaging format.

accordion fold paper


Zigzag Fold


  1. "The brochure for the art exhibition features an accordion fold, allowing for a creative display of the artists' works."
  2. "An accordion fold is an excellent choice for maps, making it easy for users to navigate complex routes."
  3. "The concert program used an accordion fold to present the event schedule and performer profiles."


When considering an accordion fold (or its synonym, zigzag fold) for your print and bindery projects, here are some recommendations to remember.

Design Consistency: Maintain a consistent layout and design throughout the folded document to enhance visual appeal and readability.

Paper Selection: Choose a type suitable for folding without cracking or tearing, and ensure it complements your design and content.

Mockups and Prototypes: Create mockups or prototypes to test the accordion fold's functionality and appearance before the final production.

Print Quality: Work with a professional printer experienced in accordion folding to ensure precise, accurate results.

Clear Instructions: Provide instructions to your printer regarding the orientation and direction of the accordion fold, mainly if your document includes double-sided printing.