Alkaline Paper

This is a type of paper manufactured with an alkaline pH level, typically above 7.0, making it more resistant to deterioration over time. This paper is known for its durability, longevity, and resistance to yellowing, making it a preferred choice for high-quality books, documents, and archival materials.

Acid free


Acid-Free Paper


  1. "Libraries and archives use alkaline paper for preserving historical documents due to its resistance to decay."
  2. "Alkaline paper is a smart choice for long-lasting hardcover books, as it maintains its quality and readability over time."
  3. "The adoption of alkaline paper in the publishing industry has significantly extended the lifespan of many printed materials."


When working with alkaline paper for your print and bindery projects, consider the following recommendations.

Archival Quality: Utilize alkaline paper for documents, books, and materials that require long-term preservation, as it resists yellowing, brittleness, and deterioration.

Storage Conditions: Store printed materials on alkaline paper in a controlled environment with stable temperature and humidity to ensure longevity.

Printing Compatibility: Confirm that your printer and printing techniques are compatible with alkaline paper to prevent potential issues during production.

Acid-Free Accessories: Use acid-free adhesives, tapes, and other accessories when binding or attaching materials to alkaline paper to maintain its acid-free properties.

Document Labeling: Clearly label documents or printed materials on alkaline paper as "acid-free" or "archival quality" for easy identification.