Calendar Rolls

Calendar rolls are precision-engineered cylindrical rollers used in the papermaking and printing industries to smooth, flatten, and finish paper by pressing it between two or more hardened steel rollers. This process enhances the paper’s gloss, thickness, and smoothness, making it suitable for high-quality printing applications.


Polishing rolls


  1. Glossy Magazine Papers: Calendar rolls are essential in producing the high-gloss finish seen on magazine papers, where visual appeal and print quality are critical.
  2. Photographic Paper: For papers used in high-end photography prints, calendar rolls provide the ultra-smooth surface needed for detailed and vibrant image reproduction.
  3. Art Papers: Fine art papers may also go through calendaring to achieve a precise texture or sheen that impacts the final appearance of printed artworks.


  • Roller Pressure: Adjusting the pressure between calendar rolls is crucial for achieving the desired finish on the paper. High pressure results in a smoother and glossier surface, but excessive pressure can weaken the paper.
  • Temperature Control: The temperature of the rollers can affect the finish of the paper. Warmer rolls typically enhance smoothing and glossiness, suitable for high-quality print media.
  • Paper Thickness: The thickness of the paper must be considered, as it impacts how the paper reacts to the calendaring process. Thinner papers may require gentler treatment to prevent tearing or warping.
  • Speed of Processing: The speed at which paper is fed through the calendar rolls affects the consistency of the finish. Optimal speeds need to be determined based on the type of paper and the desired outcome.
  • Maintenance: Regular maintenance of calendar rolls is necessary to prevent defects on the paper surface. This includes precision grinding and polishing of the rolls to keep them smooth and free of imperfections that could transfer to the paper.

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