Deckle Edge

The deckle edge refers to the rough, uneven border of the paper caused by the deckle, creating a natural, handmade appearance.


Handmade Edge


  1. Handmade Paper: Artisans often utilize deckle edges to create bespoke, artisanal paper with a unique aesthetic.
  2. Stationery: Premium stationery products may feature deckle edges to evoke a sense of craftsmanship and luxury.
  3. Fine Art Prints: Deckle edges can add character to fine art prints, enhancing their presentation and value.


  1. Deckle Size: Determine the desired width of the deckle edge to achieve the desired aesthetic and functionality for the finished product.
  2. Paper Quality: Select high-quality paper suitable for deckle edging to ensure consistent results and durability.
  3. Production Process: Ensure proper calibration of the paper machine to maintain the desired deckle width throughout the papermaking process.
  4. Finishing Techniques: Explore finishing techniques such as tearing or trimming to refine the deckle edge and enhance its appearance.
  5. Application: Consider the intended use of the paper and how the deckle edge will contribute to the overall design and appeal of the final product.