Dot Gain

Dot gain in printing refers to the visual texture and coarseness of printed dots. It describes how the dots of ink appear when printed, affecting the overall smoothness and detail of the image. This is often influenced by the printing process, paper type, and ink absorption.


Dot texture


  1. When printing high-resolution images, minimizing dot gain is crucial to ensure that the images appear smooth and detailed.
  2. On uncoated paper, dot gain is more pronounced, giving the print a rougher texture compared to coated paper.
  3. Photographic prints require low dot gain to maintain the clarity and sharpness of the images.


  • Choose the Right Paper: Selecting coated or glossy paper can reduce dot gain, as these papers prevent ink from spreading too much.
  • Optimize Printing Settings: Adjusting the printer’s resolution settings and using high-quality inks can help achieve finer dots and smoother images.
  • Regular Maintenance: Keeping the printing equipment clean and well-maintained ensures consistent dot placement and reduces unwanted texture.
  • Calibration: Regularly calibrate your printing equipment to ensure that the dots are accurately reproduced according to the digital file.

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