Fast Color Inks

Fast color inks are high-quality printing inks that dry quickly and offer excellent color stability. They are designed to resist fading and bleeding, ensuring your prints stay vibrant and long-lasting.


Quick-drying inks


  1. Marketing Materials: Perfect for creating eye-catching flyers and posters that need to be vibrant and durable, even when produced at the last minute.
  2. High-Volume Printing: Ideal for commercial printing projects where quick drying is essential to keep production moving smoothly without smudging.
  3. Outdoor Signage: Great for outdoor signs and banners, as they resist fading even when exposed to sunlight and harsh weather conditions.


  • Efficiency: Use fast color inks for projects that require a quick turnaround, like urgent promotional materials or large print runs.
  • Quality: Make sure your printer is compatible with fast color inks to get the best results, avoiding issues like clogging or poor adhesion.
  • Durability: Choose fast color inks for prints that need to withstand environmental factors like sunlight, moisture, and frequent handling.
  • Proofing: Always proof your designs to check for color accuracy and drying performance, especially when trying out new inks or printing on different materials.

Fast color inks are a game-changer for various print projects, offering the perfect balance of speed, vibrancy, and durability. Whether you’re producing marketing materials, high-volume prints, or outdoor signage, fast color inks ensure your prints look great and last longer. Reach out to learn more!