Flattened Image

A flattened image is a digital graphic file where all layers, adjustments, and effects have been combined into a single layer. This process is essential in preparing artwork for final output, whether for printing or digital display, to ensure that the design appears consistently and accurately.


Merged Image


  1. Graphic Design: Before sending a complex multi-layered advertisement design to the printer, a designer flattens the image to avoid any discrepancies in layer rendering and to ensure the effects are accurately reproduced.
  2. Photography: A photographer merges all layers of a retouched photo into one single layer before exporting it as a JPEG for an online portfolio, maintaining the edited look across different devices.
  3. Web Graphics: An illustrator flattens a web banner with multiple text and image layers into a single image to reduce file size and ensure faster loading on websites.


  • Save a Copy Before Flattening
  • Check Compatibility and File Requirements
  • Evaluate the Impact on Quality
  • Optimize for Performance
  • Understand the Flattening Process

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