Free Sheet

Free sheet is a term used in the paper and print industry to refer to paper that is free from mechanical wood pulp. Typically made from high-quality wood fibers or cotton fibers, free sheets are a smooth and durable options suitable for printing and writing.


Woodfree Paper


  • Premium stationery and letterhead paper for professional correspondence.
  • High-quality printing paper for brochures, catalogs, and marketing materials.
  • Writing paper for notebooks, journals, and diaries.
  • Art paper for drawing, sketching, and painting.
  • Specialty paper for resumes, certificates, and invitations.


  • Choose free sheet paper for projects requiring high print quality and durability.
  • Consider the weight and finish of the paper (e.g., matte, gloss) based on the intended use.
  • Use free sheet paper for applications where a smooth surface and excellent ink holdout are important.
  • Ensure compatibility with printing processes such as offset printing, digital printing, and inkjet printing.
  • Explore options with recycled content for eco-friendly printing and sustainability initiatives.

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