Ghosting in printing refers to a defect where faint images or text appear unintentionally on a print, resembling a shadow or echo of the intended design. This can occur due to various issues such as improper ink transfer, equipment malfunction, or paper inconsistencies.


Printing Shadow


  1. Offset Printing: A slight, unintended duplicate of an image appears next to the original, often due to the ink not fully transferring.
  2. Digital Printing: Light, ghost-like text appears in areas where it wasn’t intended, usually from previous prints still faintly present on the transfer drum.


  • Maintain Equipment: Regularly clean and service printing equipment to prevent residual ink from causing ghosting.
  • Control Ink Flow: Adjust ink levels and ensure proper drying to avoid excess ink that can lead to ghosting.
  • Check Paper Quality: Use high-quality paper that’s suitable for your printing method to minimize the risk of ghosting.