A gripper in printing is a mechanical component of a printing press that holds the paper or substrate securely in place as it moves through the various stages of the printing process. Grippers ensure precise alignment and accurate registration, preventing the paper from slipping or shifting during printing.


Paper holder


  1. Offset Printing: In an offset printing press, the gripper system ensures each sheet of paper is accurately positioned as it passes through the ink rollers and impression cylinder, resulting in consistent and high-quality prints.
  2. Screen Printing: Grippers are used to hold the substrate steady during the screen printing process, maintaining the alignment and preventing smudging or misregistration.
  3. Digital Printing: In high-speed digital printers, grippers help to feed the paper accurately through the machine, ensuring that the print aligns perfectly with the intended design.


  • Regular Maintenance: Keep grippers clean and well-maintained to ensure they function properly and maintain accurate alignment during printing.
  • Proper Adjustment: Adjust the grippers according to the thickness and size of the paper or substrate to prevent slippage and ensure consistent registration.
  • Quality Gripper Pads: Use high-quality gripper pads to improve the grip on the paper and reduce the risk of misalignment or paper jams.
  • Check for Wear: Regularly inspect grippers for signs of wear and replace them as needed to maintain optimal performance and print quality.
  • Training: Ensure press operators are trained to properly adjust and maintain grippers to minimize downtime and maintain high print standards.

Grippers play a crucial role in ensuring the precision and quality of printed materials by securely holding the paper in place throughout the printing process. To learn more about this or other printing tools, contact AP&B today!