Indicia refers to the printed markings on mail or packages that indicate postage has been paid. These markings are used instead of traditional postage stamps and typically include information such as the postal permit number, the class of mail, and the postage amount. Indicia are commonly used by businesses for bulk mailing.


Postal Marking


  1. Bulk Mailings: A company sends out a large batch of promotional flyers, each bearing an indicia instead of individual stamps, indicating that the postage for the entire batch has been prepaid.
  2. Postage Meter: A postage meter prints indicia on envelopes or labels, showing the date and amount of postage paid, streamlining the mailing process for businesses.
  3. Online Postage Services: Online services like USPS Click-N-Ship allow users to print shipping labels with indicia directly from their computer, showing that postage has been paid electronically.


  • Compliance: Ensure that the indicia complies with postal regulations, including correct format and placement on the mail piece. Incorrect indicia can result in delays or additional charges.
  • Maintain Permits: Keep your postal permits up to date and renew them as required. Expired permits can invalidate the indicia and lead to undelivered mail.
  • Design Consistency: Use consistent design and placement for indicia on all mail pieces to maintain a professional appearance and ensure readability by postal workers and machines.
  • Track Usage: Monitor and track the usage of indicia to manage mailing costs effectively and avoid overpaying for postage.
  • Electronic Indicia: Consider using electronic indicia services for more efficient and streamlined mailing processes, especially for large volumes of mail.

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