Press-Ready Files

Press-Ready Files are digital files prepared with all the necessary specifications for professional printing. These files are optimized to ensure accurate and high-quality output, meeting the technical requirements of the printing press.


Print-Ready Files


  1. Brochure Design: A press-ready PDF of a brochure includes CMYK color settings, proper bleeds, and high-resolution images to ensure flawless printing.
  2. Business Cards: A press-ready business card file is formatted to the correct size, with all fonts embedded and margins set, ready for print.


  • Check File Specifications: Ensure files are set to the correct dimensions, resolution (typically 300 DPI), and color mode (CMYK) required by the printer.
  • Include Bleeds and Crop Marks: Add at least 0.125 inches of bleed to avoid white edges and include crop marks to guide trimming.
  • Embed Fonts and Graphics: Embed all fonts and high-resolution images to prevent any issues during printing.

For more tips on preparing press-ready files and ensuring high-quality print outcomes, contact AP&B.