Print Control Strips

Print control strips are standardized tools utilized in the printing industry. These strips contain color swatches, gradients, and calibration elements, ensuring precise color reproduction, consistency, and quality across diverse print runs.


Color Calibration Strips


  1. Commercial Printing: Print control strips are integral in large-scale commercial printing, guaranteeing accurate color representation in high-volume print jobs.

  2. Packaging Industry: Manufacturers rely on these strips to maintain brand consistency by ensuring uniform color quality in packaging materials.

  3. Photographic Printing: They play a crucial role in photographic printing, aiding in achieving accurate color tones and shades in photo reproductions.

  4. Textile Printing: In textile printing, these strips assist in maintaining consistent color shades and patterns across fabric printing processes.


When working with print control strips, we recommend taking the following points into consideration.

Integration into Printing Workflow: Incorporate color calibration strips at various stages of the printing process to manage and ensure accurate color representation.

Quality Control Measure: Implement these strips as part of quality assurance protocols to guarantee consistent and high-quality print outputs.

Calibration in Specialized Printing: In specialized printing, such as photographic or textile printing, utilize these strips to achieve precise color tones and patterns.

Training and Awareness: Provide training to printing professionals on the effective use of these strips to enhance color accuracy and consistency in print projects.