In printing and graphic design, a vector is an image created using mathematical formulas to define shapes, lines, and colors. Unlike pixel-based images, vectors can be scaled up or down infinitely without losing quality. This makes them perfect for creating logos, illustrations, and any graphics that need to look sharp at any size.


Vector graphic


  1. Logos: Designing your logo as a vector ensures it looks crisp and clear, whether it's on a business card or a giant billboard.
  2. Illustrations: Vectors are ideal for print materials because they maintain their quality, no matter how big or small you make them.
  3. Marketing Materials: Using vector files for your marketing graphics means you can resize them for different uses, like flyers, banners, or product packaging, without losing detail.


  • Versatile Use: Use vectors for designs that will be resized frequently, such as logos, icons, and other essential graphics.
  • Software Tools: Create and edit vector graphics with software like Adobe Illustrator, CorelDRAW, or Inkscape.
  • File Formats: Save your vector images in formats like SVG, EPS, or AI to keep them scalable and high-quality.
  • Printing: Check with your printer to ensure they support vector file formats for the best print quality, especially for large-format prints and detailed graphics.

Vectors are incredibly versatile and essential for modern design and printing. They offer unmatched flexibility and quality, ensuring your designs always look their best, no matter the size. Contact AP&B to learn more!