Velox Paper

Velox is a type of photographic paper used in the printing industry for creating contact prints. It was historically significant in the pre-digital era for producing high-quality photographic reproductions. The term "Velox" is often associated with the brand of printing papers manufactured by Eastman Kodak Company, known for their ability to produce clear, detailed prints quickly and efficiently.


Contact Printing Paper


  1. Contact Prints: Creating direct positive prints from negatives, maintaining the exact size and detail of the original image.
  2. Proofing: Producing proofs for photographers and printers to review before making final prints, ensuring accuracy and quality.
  3. Graphic Arts: Used in the graphic arts industry for preparing images and layouts for print production.


  1. Proper Storage: Store Velox paper in a cool, dry place away from direct light to maintain its sensitivity and quality.
  2. Controlled Exposure: Use precise exposure times and controlled lighting to achieve the best results, as Velox paper is highly sensitive to light.
  3. Development Process: Follow the recommended development process for Velox paper, including the correct use of chemicals and timing, to ensure optimal print quality.
  4. Handling: Handle Velox paper with clean, dry hands or gloves to avoid fingerprints and smudges, preserving the clarity and detail of your prints.

Using Velox paper in your printing projects ensures high-quality photographic reproductions with excellent detail and contrast, making it a valuable tool for photographers and print professionals alike. Contact us to learn more!