Work and Tumble

Work and Tumble is a printing technique where a sheet of paper is printed on one side, then flipped vertically (top-to-bottom) to print on the reverse side using the same plate. This method ensures that the paper’s top edge remains the leading edge through both passes in the press, ideal for printing jobs with double-sided content.


Top-to-Bottom Flipping


  1. Business Cards: A sheet of business cards is printed on one side, then tumbled to print the backside, ensuring perfect alignment.
  2. Book Covers: Both sides of a book cover can be printed efficiently with this method, maintaining consistent orientation.


  • Use for Long Sheets: Ideal for long sheets where the content on both sides can be aligned vertically.
  • Check Paper Orientation: Ensure the paper's leading edge remains consistent to avoid registration issues.
  • Balance Ink Coverage: Maintain even ink distribution to prevent smudging or ghosting when flipping the sheet.

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