Work and Turn

Work and Turn is a printing technique where the same sheet of paper is printed on both sides using one plate setup. After printing one side, the paper is flipped horizontally (side-to-side) and printed on the reverse side without changing the plate. This method is efficient for producing double-sided print jobs.


Side-to-Side Flipping


  1. Brochure Printing: A brochure is printed on one side of the sheet. The sheet is then turned and printed on the other side, using the same plate.
  2. Booklets: Pages for booklets are printed using the work and turn method to align images or text accurately on both sides.


  • Use for Symmetrical Layouts: Ideal for projects where the content on both sides of the sheet mirrors each other horizontally.
  • Efficient for Medium to Large Runs: Reduces the need for multiple plate setups, saving time and costs in larger print runs.
  • Paper Alignment: Ensure precise alignment and handling to avoid misregistration during the turning process.

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