C1S and C2S

C1S (Coated One Side) and C2S (Coated Two Sides) refer to paper that is coated with a layer of material to improve smoothness and printability. C1S paper has the coating applied to only one side, while C2S paper is coated on both sides.

These coatings are typically made from materials like clay or calcium carbonate and are designed to provide a smooth finish that enhances the sharpness and color of printed images.


One-sided coated, Double-sided coated


  1. Business Cards: C2S paper is often used for business cards because it allows for high-quality printing on both sides, enhancing the vibrancy and detail of graphics and text.
  2. Postcards: C1S paper is frequently used for postcards, where the front side requires a high-quality print finish for the image and the reverse side is left uncoated for ease of writing.
  3. Brochures and Catalogs: C2S paper is commonly used for brochures and catalogs that feature colorful images and require a glossy or matte finish on both sides for aesthetic appeal and durability.


  • Intended Use: Choose C1S or C2S paper based on the end use of the printed product. Consider whether you need high-quality printability on both sides or if an uncoated side for writing is preferable.
  • Printing Techniques: Ensure that the printing technology used is suitable for coated paper. C1S and C2S papers may require specific inks and printing processes to achieve optimal results.
  • Cost and Budget: C2S paper is typically more expensive than C1S due to the double-sided coating. Factor in the costs based on the budget and the project requirements.
  • Environmental Considerations: Coated papers can be more challenging to recycle than uncoated papers. Consider the environmental impact of your choice, especially for large print runs.
  • Finishing Processes: Coated papers like C1S and C2S can affect finishing processes such as folding, cutting, and binding. Test these processes beforehand to ensure the final product meets quality standards without any issues related to the coating.

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